If You Are A Business Owner, You Know How The Ups And Downs Of The Economy Can Affect You And Your Business.

“Before Domo, we had to login to more than a dozen disparate technology applications and download data to manually create reports to provide a holistic view of our data,” said Matthew March, CIO at Colony American Finance. Domo provides a cloud-based business optimization platform with built-in data connectors that can easily pull together data from multiple data sources, expediting the company’s time-to-market. It also provides the ability to deliver reports to executives and employees on the ground faster than ever before and helps drive profitability and customer reach. “Marketing now has insight to spend our dollars to reach the right customers, sales can convert leads at a higher rate and operations has improved transparency into operational efficiency, productivity and exception management,” continued March. “What would normally take months or years to achieve in traditional business intelligence implementations is available right out of the box with Domo and can be applied to every department in the organization.” By leveraging Domo’s cloud-based platform, Colony American Finance achieved a positive return on their investment in under four months of using Domo. In addition, they avoided ongoing annual operational costs for IT engineering support staff to implement and maintain a traditional, internally hosted, enterprise data warehouse solution and business intelligence platform.

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